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We are a Czech jewellery company with a truly international scope, we design and manufacture women's, men's and children's jewellery. With the experience of our skilled jewellers and our own production, we are able to offer unique and original jewellery to customers all over the world.

At MOSHNA you will not only find luxury jewellery for special occasions, but also jewellery that can be worn everyday. Additionally you will find many beautiful pieces produced specifically for children. In addition to offering our standard ranges of jewellery, we also design and produce custom, special and themed collections of jewellery based on the client’s requirements.

Our jewellery is produced in the Czech Republic, always with the highest care, and made of high quality sterling silver 925/1000. All of our silver jewellery carries an additional silver or rhodium coating and is often decorated with stones, enamel or plastic beads.

MOSHNA jewellery is designed for adults and children who wish to enjoy beautifully crafted jewellery whether it be for everyday use or for special occasions.
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The operator of this portal is Moshna International Jewellery Group a.s., Stepanska 9, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic, ID 28199162, VAT CZ28199162, which is the producer of jewellery under the brands MOSHNA, Luciano Frantini and Jungle Pinkee. Moshna International Jewelery Group a.s. is the owner of MOSHNA, Luciano Frantini, and Jungle Pinkee. All logos and company names are copyright-protected. Users of this portal accept that all information provided herein is of an informative nature.
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