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All our jewellery is produced in our own workshops in the Czech Republic, to the highest quality, from 925 sterling silver. We have combined traditional skills and craftmanship with modern manufacturing technologies, allowing us the ability to offer almost endless possibilities and to create completely new designs of jewellery.


We produce the majority of our jewellery using a unique laser cutting process. This allows us to achieve an almost filigree fineness and a high level of details.

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We use only high-quality raw materials and anti-allergic coatings without any undesirable additives. MOSHNA jewellery does not contain harmful substances such as nickel or cadmium. Therefore, our jewellery is safe and suitable for children as well.
After the laser-cutting process our jewellery is then polished and given a surface finish, either of pure silver or rhodium. The jewellery is then worked on by our experienced jewellers, who perform further steps such as shaping, inlaying of stones, application of colours and assembly and completion.

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We are able to offer additional, specialised jewellery products in both silver and gold. These are really exceptional with each piece being original and personalised based on the needs of the customer. This jewellery can carry fingerprints, hand or footprints, animal pawprints, heart recordings, and other unique and personal memorial items.

In addition we also produce commemorative and collectable editions of silver and gold plaques for various occasions including sports, cultural, historical, etc.

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